Building Information Modeling- BIM

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process for Infrastructure and Building projects.

BIM provides insight for creating and managing infrastructure and building projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact. BIM addresses wasted costs in the field. Construction Management experts place those costs at nearly one third of the total cost of construction. CMAA Emerging Technologies Knowledge Well emphasizes the business value of the “I” of BIM (the data). Knowledge Well receives requests from around the world to deliver expertise to project owners wanting to capture the full value of BIM.

BIM allows owners to Visualize and Explore design ideas, simulate multiple alternatives, Identify clashes, Communicate intent, Improve productivity. BIM data allows project owners to analyze & test as well as simulate real-world application and performance. Globally, Knowledge Well sees BIM delivering sustainable solutions to AEC professionals and owners in every segment of the industry.









BIM Model with Landfill Inset- Project Featured in Industry Trade Magazine
Thanks to Knowledge Well teams,
AEC Professionals have benefited from :
o Education and Learning Opportunities
Owners & Users of BIM have benefited from:
o Assistance with Aligning BIM Objectives with Owner’s Corporate/Organization Goals
o Request For Proposal Review
o BIM Strategy Advice

Why the BIM focus at Knowledge Well?

Knowledge Well delivers many types of expertise to under-resourced and emerging areas of the world. For the past five years, Building and Infrastructure BIM related requests from around the world have outnumbered all other requests combined. Since 2005 Knowledge Well has mobilized teams experts from multiple continents to focus on smoothing project lifecycles and bridging interdisciplinary data divides and creating a more sustainable future with BIM.

Celebrating a Decade of Delivering Expertise to Emerging & Under-resourced Areas of the World