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Building upon a decade of delivering expertise and learning events from DC to Asia/Pacific, KnowledgeWell welcomes requests from your community for expertise.
For over a decade, KnowledgeWell has delivered BIM (ENI/AEC) and other technology expertise to enable projects ranging from natural resources and infrastructure to historic preservation such as UNESCO World Heritage sites. These empowering experiences align workforce development with economic development while addressing each global community’s workforce demand. As KnowledgeWell begins a new decade of volunteer service, all technology expertise requests continue to be welcomed while KnowledgeWell focuses on enabling local communities and national leaders to mitigate Climate Change Risk.
As a 2005 UNC Business School MBA team venture, KnowledgeWell launches international entrepreneurship learning experiences for the next decade. These experiences include social, corporate, women, minority, humane and international entrepreneurship. Experts delivering these learning experiences include those from universities and the private sector. These learning experiences deliver a framework for individuals, families and friends within communities to launch their own new ventures.
The catalyst for this North Carolina initiative stems from the vision of UNC Business School MBA student who launched a new venture which created a business ecosystem for local farmers and markets in North Carolina. This KnowledgeWell pilot, in partnership with volunteers from NC State and others, includes agriculture learning experiences for urban and rural communities in North Carolina.


Celebrating a Decade of Delivering Expertise to Emerging & Under-resourced Areas of the World