How are projects selected?

Most projects are selected during Area Leadership Forums- a stakeholder event where projects are submitted for consideration. However, other projects which do not require travel are not limited to this process. Other projects are initiated by volunteers who want to leverage their vacation to create value for Knowledge Well by delivering their expertise.

How are projects funded?

There are a variety of ways projects are funded.Knowledge Well has executed numerous projects thanks to US Federal Grants, State and Local Grants, Commercial Grants as well as employer and individual contributors.

What are the “Top 3” requests Knowledge Well receives?

BIM, Historic Preservation, and Business Best Practices.All include a Sustainability core and when possible projects align Workforce Development with Economic Development.

Why the emphasis on BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

Since 2005, AEC Industry related requests have outnumbered all other types of requests combined.These BIM requests fall into two categories- Infrastructure and Building.Over 80% of these have benefited AEC professionals working for National, State and Local Governments as well as Utilities. Sustainable solutions for Infrastructure and Building are the top needs in most underserved and emerging areas of the world.

What are examples of current project needs which are not BIM related?


Guam, USA

The University of Guam’s Green initiative calls for the University to be 25% off grid in 3.5 years. Estimates show that 10-15% of the 25% Goal can be achieved through conservation, overhauling tracking accountability, and work orders. However, a question remains regarding energy tracking. Grants are available for an auditor position. UoG has a Green Committee which is comprised of representatives from different departments.


Kosrae, FSM

Business- Comprehensive Marketing plan which balances Economic Development, a Sustainable Environment and Preserves Culture and History.

Business- Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting

Business- Turnaround strategy for Spring Water Bottling Company

How are Knowledge Well projects and training different?

Knowledge Well’s goal is to deliver expertise fully and completely- eliminating any dependency.This means the professional on the learning side is fully satisfied and self sufficient by the end of the project.As all experts are unpaid volunteers,time is the most critical resource invested.Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest to fully deliver the highest level of expertise in the least amount of time possible.

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