Celebrating 15 Years

Update: One Family’s Palau Volunteer Experience

Read an article by UNC Journalism & Entrepreneurship Grad “Beyond the Bucket List” which features one family’s experience in Palau this year. The newsletter also includes glimpses of the entire 20 person US and Palauan volunteer team’s experience through a montage created while in Palau.

Update: SEO Campaign

KnowledgeWell launches keyword research for an SEO campaign with static content to be included in new website design in order to improve the website and communication with stakeholders. CSR partners welcome!

Update: Industry Focus AEC ENI

BIM/ENI/AEC/GIS/Surveyor Volunteers- KnowledgeWell Celebrates the volunteers from these industries with a feature article highlighting one of our volunteers over the past decade and a half.

Update: Research

KnowledgeWell continues its 15 years of Action Research (thanks to original advice from Munich Business School’s Dr. Marc Bergfield during the early stages of our founding). Thank you to 2012 Kosrae FSM Volunteer Dr. Chris Moreno for guidance throughout 2020 on our Palau Volunteer Expedition 2020 Ethnography initiative.

Update: FarmingWell Food Security

FarmingWell.org Volunteers Continue Delivery of Locally Grown Food to the Elderly of the Triangle Area of North Carolina During COVID-19 Thanks to Farmer Donations.

Update: FarmingWell Farm Site

FarmingWell to Announce New Site Location and “Farm Day” Event Soon.

Update: ClimateWell and Oceans Focus

In Celebration of our Volunteers’ 15 Years of Volunteer Work in the Pacific, ClimateWell.org now features our Oceans as first articles in its daily updates.

GUAM 2005: KnowledgeWell Celebrates 15 Years of Delivering Expertise and Knowledge Well

Thank you to all of the volunteers who delivered their expertise over the past 15 years! KnowledgeWell is an all-volunteer US 501c3 nonprofit organization which delivers expertise to remote and under-served communities.

Calls to Action

A recent report states that 70% of us plan to travel in 2021 and 45% of us have already booked their trips. Consider traveling with us to Palau! – Sign up for more information regarding the next Pacific Volunteer Expedition to Palau planned for 2021

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– Corporate Social Responsibility: Our success over the past 15 Years is attributed our volunteers. Many have been funded by their companies- HDR, Parsons, PB WSP, Autodesk, McKim & Creed and more. Contact us if interested in learning more about CSR partnerships.

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Welcome to Knowledgewell

All-Volunteer US 501c3 Nonprofit Organization Celebrating over 15 Years of Volunteer Service.

2020 Launched All-Volunteer Ventures:

www.FarmingWell.org – a NC State University Faculty and Student Partnership

www.ClimateWell.org – first Climate news aggregator, UNC eship student initiative