Celebrating Over 15 Years of Delivering Expertise and Knowledge Well

Public Sector Professionals Attend KnowledgeWell's first event on Guam. These AEC- Architecture, Engineering, Construction- ENI- Engineering, Natural Resources, Infrastructure professionals were the first to draw expertise from the KnowledgeWell.
2020 PALAU: Members of the First Shared Volunteer Experience Palau Expedition Team

KnowledgeWell Core Values- Respect and Sharing

2021 Updates:

KnowledgeWell's first Shared Volunteer Experience US and Palauan Team Members Celebrate One Year Anniversary

"Sold Out" -Next Shared Volunteer Experience Team Set for Fall 2021!

FarmingWell.org New Venture Launch

Google Matches KnowledgeWell with Student Team from India for Google Online Marketing Challenge

Reviving AEC ENI Construction Projects and Events for Public Sector

2005 First Event GUAM: KnowledgeWell Delivers Industry Expertise. Micronesian Expert from Yap becomes KnowledgeWell's First Volunteer to Share Expertise.

Core Values: Respect & Sharing

While KnowledgeWell and FarmingWell deliver different social returns, they share the same core values- Respect for others that may not look or think like you and the voluntary sharing of resources. For over 15 years, KnowledgeWell has created enduring professional relationships that cross racial, ethnic and thought lines based on mutual respect. 

In 2021, stakeholders are needed for KnowledgeWell’s new and revived initiatives as well as FarmingWell’s formal grand opening in the Triangle area of North Carolina. KnowledgeWell delivers expertise in multiple countries. The FarmingWell venture preserves and promotes Family Farming and learning while addressing community food security issues.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who delivered their expertise over the past 15 years and changed lives!

Above: Formerly Unemployed Minority College Grads Land New AEC ENI Careers Thanks to KnowledgeWell

Calls to Action

FarmingWell RALEIGH: Child from Central African Republic receives local eggs in recycled carton for his refugee family of eight.

Welcome to Knowledgewell

All-Volunteer US 501c3 Nonprofit Organization Celebrating over 15 Years of Volunteer Service. A UNC Business School Student Launched and Led Venture.