About us

KnowledgeWell is the actualization of a unique value creating business model. The model delivers value to all stakeholders- public and private through the creation of value networks.

To prove the model, KnowledgeWell launched internationally without traditional resources. No traditional marketing tools, including no website for the first three years. Board members and their networks were not allowed to donate funds for the first five years.

The model calls for organic growth through the creation of value delivering networks. Within its first year KnowledgeWell won multiple public and private grants and sponsorships as well as launched multiple international projects. These network connections involved face to face international meetings with professionals representing 20 different nationalities- all accomplished without traditional marketing tools or web presence.

KnowledgeWell relies on a strong team of companies and individuals who are motivated to transform the barriers faced by under-resourced nations into opportunities for successful business enterprise. The following groups enable KnowledgeWell to offer its services to the world and maximize its value proposition.

Corporate Partners: From huge multi-national corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures, companies of all sizes offer resources, volunteers and tools for KnowledgeWell projects. Their support allows KnowledgeWell the ability to execute new initiatives around the globe. In addition, these projects often introduce corporate supporters to beneficial relationships and potential new markets and channels while supporting a worthwhile philanthropic mission.


Business Professionals: Businessmen and women from a variety of backgrounds volunteer their time and insight to support the transfer of global knowledge while broadening their resumes and providing unique cultural experiences.


Educational Institutions: Colleges and universities often provide support, expertise, and relationships that allow KnowledgeWell to succeed. Along with receiving recognition for their efforts on a global scale, educational institutions also enjoy guest speakers from KnowledgeWell and its volunteers.

KnowledgeWell Successful Projects in its First Five Years:

  • Addressing waste water challenges in Palau (a small emerging island nation East of the Philippines).
  • Providing technological tools (GPS, GIS, etc.) to allow private sector investment in under-resourced countries within Micronesia, and the territory of Guam.
  • Providing LEED (green building) knowledge to architects and builders in the territory of Guam.
  • Reducing the burning of landfill materials in Pohnpei in Micronesia.
  • Spreading the message of sustainability to under-resourced nations.
  • Promoting and leveraging historic and cultural preservation around the globe.
  • Aligned Economic and Workforce Development.
  • Evaluated Carbon Finance Opportunities, Among them Potential Income from Carbon Finance, for a Nation.
  • Increased Business/Organizational Efficiencies.

All-Volunteer US 501c3 Nonprofit Organization Celebrating over 15 Years of Volunteer Service.

First US Designed All-Volunteer Venture:

www.FarmingWell.org – a NC State University Faculty and Student Partnership