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KnowledgeWell is

An All-Volunteer US 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, founded and led by UNC  EMBA Alumni, and led by Executive Director Lisa McFarland. Upon entering her role as Executive Director, McFarland launched a new program for domestic and international students. She headed the ARRA FHWA OTJ/SS Grant and new relationships with local universities.

NCSU Student Lands Career in Palau
PALAU: NCSU Wastewater Masters Student wins KnowledgeWell led student competition for new career in Palau.
NCSU Jenkins School MBA Team Tackles UNESCO Project- Site and Business Plan in Micronesia
NCSU Jenkins School MBA Team Selected to Tackle UNESCO Project- Site and Business Plan in Micronesia
NCSU Masters Students Selected to create business plan (for FarmingWell)
FHWA OJT/SS Grant Students at Raleigh NC DOT Center for KnowledgeWell Training Program
Duke Sanford School Students with Executive Director Lisa McFarland- center

 McFarland also led the student volunteer team which served the leadership of the Pacific Islands Forum in Palau and McFarland assisted leaders with tools which helped with planning and decision making.

Executive Director Lisa McFarland
KnowledgeWell Executive Director Lisa McFarland. McFarland has served as Contoller for two publically traded international corporations. She received her Executive MBA from UNC.

All-Volunteer US 501c3 Nonprofit Organization Celebrating Nearly a Decade of Volunteer Service and Delivering Knowledge Well