Building Information Modeling- BIM, AEC, ENI, Land Surveying & GIS

Thank you to our AEC- Architecture Engineering Construction, ENI- Engineering Natural Resources Infrastructure, Land Surveying and GIS Volunteers

KnowledgeWell continues to respond to expertise requests for volunteers.  BIM (CAD, GIS, AEC, ENI, LEED) and other Technology Solutions comprise over 80% of the requests over our first decade. BIM Building (as in constructing) Information Modeling creates value for the local governments, nonprofits and the private sector. In this data lifecycle, one can focus on strategies throughout. For example, focusing on the end of life or reuse of a building, bridge or highway. Our series touches on all aspects of the life cycle, strategies for community leaders with a special emphasis on the “Beginning of BIM”- the actual collection of the data. Volunteers in Kosrae FSM have focused collecting data and creating models- including VR & Augmented Reality- for the people of Kosrae and the Historic Preservation Office.

These BIM and other technology solutions are highlighted in these US events for over a decade- from DC to Guam- through KnowledgeWell’s BIM event series. These solutions help leaders of any community with a number of challenges- from infrastructure to historic preservation to threats such as rising sea levels. BIM and related technologies enable KnowledgeWell volunteers to empower local leaders to make wise choices to meet a range of challenges- from Climate Change to our UNESCO World Heritage Site work.”

BIM Model with Landfill Inset- Project Featured in Industry Trade Magazine. Thanks to KnowledgeWell teams.

AEC Professionals have benefited from:

  • Education and Learning Opportunities

Owners & Users of BIM have benefited from:

  • Assistance with Aligning BIM Objectives with Owner’s Corporate/Organization Goals
  • Request For Proposal Review
  • BIM Strategy Advice

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