What Can Investing in Nonprofit Infrastructure Do? (Testing A Pagination)

Traffic Pattern Changes on South Lamar
The roundabout at South Lamar and Belk will become operational on Friday, August 17th. Though the roundabout will be functional and provide access for all directions of travel, work will still remain for the coming weeks to complete concrete curb and islands. Please use caution as you travel in this area as everyone adjusts to the change in traffic.

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Seven habits of excellent work with grantees

There are many important elements to effective philanthropy, but a critical – and sometimes overlooked – element is the human one: the relationships that program staff forge with grantee partners. 

The SR1/NE Front Street Grade Separated Intersection Project is scheduled to begin February 2018 with a planned completion of August 2019. DelDOT will maintain updates and maps on their website below.

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Happy consumption strengthens bonds with brands: Testing images

Pine Forest under High Fire Danger Status

Weather conditions in our city and county are similar to those of 2012 and 2013 which saw many homes destroyed in Colorado by the likes of the Waldo Canyon fire and the Black Forest fire. This year Pueblo County has recently experienced several fires resulting in the loss of numerous structures and thousands of acres of grass and river bottom land. The Barnett Fire just east of Pueblo destroyed 5 homes in April, and both the Carson-Midway & 117 Fires recently destroyed multiple homes. Several major fires are expanding in our region.

Long term weather predictions are forecasting above-average temperatures while our region is in a moderate-to-extreme drought. The recent scattered rainfall has done little to change long-term fire conditions as winds also persist.

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