Leadership Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

Over my career in coaching, I’ve found the phrase “It’s lonely at the top” to be very true. When you’re facing a difficult relationship with a board member or trying to navigate a mission

Proposition 422 is a City Council Ballot Measure that would provide authority to issue $25 Million in General Obligation Bonds. If approved, it would provide funding for City programs to address housing affordability, both home ownership and rental.

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Aligning Passive Investment with Paris Climate Goals: Left Sidebar

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to generate ideas and fund solutions that address climate change problems associated with the current state of passive asset management, where a fund’s portfolio mirrors a market index that is not low-carbon.

The City of Pueblo Public Works Department was awarded a $289,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Resource Recycling Economic Opportunity Fund.

reuse reduce recycle imageAfter years of discussion and strategizing, the idea of a free, centrally located drop-off center for recyclable items will become a reality in Pueblo. Located on Stockyard Road (former city animal shelter location), the site is scheduled to open in spring 2018.

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